Sound Excerpt - Edgar Cayce’s readings:

READING: 364-4: With the destructive forces being meted out the invading animals, we find the first

turning of the altar fires into that of sacrifice of those that were taken in the various ways, and human

sacrifice began.

READING: 262-39: As to the Great Congress held during the age of the destruction of the

enormous animals. In the period when this became necessary, there was the consciousness raised

in the minds of the groups, in various portions of the earth, much in the manner as would be

illustrated by an all- world-broadcast in the present day of a menace in any one particular point, or in

many particular points. The gathering of those that heeded was like a meeting of scientific minds of

the present day. They met to devise ways of doing away with that menace. The manner in which

these gathered was very much like the Graf [Graf Zeppelin?] were to gather those that were to

cooperate in that effort. The ways devised were those that would change the ENVIRONS for which

those beasts were needed or take away their sustenance in the particular portions of the earth that

they inhabited. This was administered much like sending out from various central plants a "Death

Ray", or the super-cosmic ray, from the stratosphere. This was to draw upon the varied conditions

that existed in the various portions of the land then occupied by man.

READING: 262-39: The date of the Great Congress regarding the animals was in 50,722 BC.

READING: 262-39: The general leader for this Great Congress about the animals was one with the

nomenclature Tim from Poseidia, Atlantis.

READING: 2157-1: Entity was in the Atlantean land, during those periods when the second

destruction had brought so many of the islands, and when the Poseidian land was the greater in

power; when there were the meetings called for those of many lands, to determine means or

manners in which there would be the control or handling of the animals that were destructive to

many of the lands. The entity then acted in the capacity of one who guided the ships that sailed

both in the air and under water; also was the maker of that which produced the elevators and the

connecting tubes that were used by compressed air and steam and the metals in their emanations.

All of these were a part of the entity's experience and development, especially as to things

controlled by the facet for the radiation activity from the sun upon metals, and the control of such,

as well as the manner of airships through that sojourn.

READING (958-3): This brought consternation to the Entity, and also those influences the

application or use of which brought destruction to the land. And Poseidia will be among the

first portions of Atlantis to rise again. Expect it in ’68 and ’69; not so far away.

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